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Beautiful Blocks quilt

Beautiful Blocks, 2016

63" x 63"

Machine pieced and quilted, hand applique

Beautiful Blocks: Intermediate Patchwork Sampler Quilt - Book available with step-by-step illustrated instructions on and

Beautiful Blocks alternate quilt

Beautiful Blocks II, 2017

63" x 63"

Machine pieced and quilted, hand applique

Beautiful Bouquets quilt

Beautiful Bouquets, 2015

70" x 70"

Hand appliquéd. Painted fabric. Machine quilted. Was accepted and shown at AQS Lancaster Quilt Week, 2018. Pattern book will be available soon.


lamb cottage quilt

Lamb Cottage, 2013

28" x 49"

Hand appliquéd. Border paper-foundation pieced. Machine quilted.

For pattern click here

two peacocks quilt

Two Peacocks, 2013

Hand appliquéd. Hand embroidery. Machine quilted.

skunk cabbage

Skunk Cabbage, 2013

Hand appliquéd. Machine quilted.

Alternates for hummingbird and duck

Duck Bag, 2012 (left)

Hummingbird and Iris quilt, 2012 (right)

Alternates for blocks in Beautiful Birds. Hand appliquéd and machine quilted.

Beautiful Birds

Beautiful Birds, 2012

53" x 53"

Hand appliquéd. Machine quilted.

Patterns available

North and South quilt

"North and South", 2012

43 1/2" x 43"

Hand appliquéd and Paper-foundation piecing. Machine quilted. The quilt contains penguins (from the south), and Arctic Tern (from the north), puffins (both north and south).

Patterns available


cathedral window

Cathedral Window, charm quilt, in progress

Currently 48" x 18"

Wild garlic quilt

Wild Garlic, 2011

Hand appliquéd. Silk ribbon and cotton floss embroidery. Machine quilted.

Chinese golden pheasant quilt

Chinese Golden Pheasant, 2008

Hand appliquéd center. Hand appliqué and foundation paper pieced border. Machine quilted.

Stargazer lily

Stargazer Lily, 22" x 22", 2006

Hand colored and appliquéd flower. Pieced and appliquéd border.

giant fuchsia

Giant Fuchsia, 2005

Curved machine pieced and machine quilted

Stained Glass Lily

Stained Glass Lily, 2007

Stained glass appliqué flower, pieced border.

Mediated Montmartre quilt

Mediated Montmartre, 2002


Grand Canyon quilt

Grand Canyon, 2002

Hand dyed, appliquéd, and quilted

Flannel bed quilt

Leaves and Tulips, 2010

Queen size flannel quilt and matching cushions, machine pieced and quilted

Medallion bed quilt

Medallion Star Quilt, 2003

Queen size flannel medallion quilt, machine pieced and quilted.

Hydrangea blooms quilt

Hydrangea Flowers, 2005

Foundation paper pieced and machine quilted

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