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Ramblings 2009

Nov: This photo was taken at the last class I taught at the Yorkshire Yanks quilt group. Shown are some of the Yorkshire Yanks quilters and me. I am the one with the red shirt (and no Christmas headband - I didn't get the memo). Unfortunately a photo does not allow you to see the flashing lights on the headbands.
Sue and some Yorkshire Yank Quilters
31 Oct: It's been beautiful here on the hill this autumn. The trees have changed more noticeably this last week and there are few green leaves left. I was up early today, and there was a light fog which softened the colors - the photo almost captures the mood. Autumn trees
28 Sep: We just returned from a trip to Paris, and I've come down with a nasty cold. We stayed in a little hotel on the Left Bank and walked everywhere. We took the train this time, and it was very pleasant - much more relaxed than flying. It is definitely an expensive place to go, but we really enjoyed visiting the museums. My husband took this photo of the Louvre at night (difficult to see but in front are my daughters and I). Louvre at night
11 Sep: Now that some of the quilts are out and hanging around, it's really starting to feel like home. The house has three floors - so two sets of staircases which means a lot more space for draping quilts.
Quilts on the landing
10 Sep: Most of our neighbors are sheep - we are surrounded by sheep pastures. Sometimes they get closer to the house and I can get a picture or two. The weather the first few weeks in the house was wild, windy and rainy, and we thought that it was just because we were up on the hill here. But it has been gorgeous and sunny the last few days, and we heard it was the remnants of a hurricane coming through. The dog's outdoor dish filled up from the rain water in two days, so I know we got a lot. Neighbor sheep
9 Sep: Our house sale went to completion and we started moving at the end of August. I finally have time to catch my breath a little. It really makes you realize how much stuff you have when you have to unpack it all! We found a very old house to rent (over 200 years old). It was originally built to house apprentices in the flax industry. It has a lot of character, and is in a beautiful location near several reservoirs. You can see here a picture of the dining room - I love the oak beams and floor! The stone walls are about 2 feet thick. And of course Charlie had to get into the picture.
Dining Room
18 Aug: I taught a workshop at Quiltworks near Penrith this last weekend. It was a wonderful place and the owner, Maureen, prepared fantastic meals and was warm and welcoming. And of course the students were hard working, fun, and did a beautiful job with their projects. It was an ambitious weekend, with both Mariner's compass and embroidered landscape classes, but everyone rose to the challenge.
Quiltworks workshop
25 Jul: As some of you know, we've had our house on the market for a while, and had an offer on it in May. Things are done a bit differently here than in the US, and you don't get a true commitment from the buyer until exchange of contract, which happens a while after the initial offer. We had exchange last Wednesday, so we are now in the process of finding a rental property to live in until it is time to return to the US. One of the bigger considerations is finding a house with enough room for my fabric and quilting supplies. Many houses here don't have any closets, let alone big closets. And I have a lot of fabric...
2 Jul: We had been talking about going to the Farne Islands (off the Northumberland coast) to see the puffins for several years, and we finally went today. It was an absolutely beautiful warm day, the sea was not too rough, and there were thousands of birds at the bird sanctuary on Inner Farne Island. We had been told that some of the birds (the terns) would peck at our heads, but it still startled me when they did it. Fortunately, since we were warned we wore hats and it did not hurt, but some of the birds could get very aggressive. The puffins were smaller than I expected, and absolutely adorable. A great opportunity for taking lots of photographs.
Farn Island birds
27 June: Today was the exhibition for the City & Guilds Patchworkers and Embroiderers at Craven College in Skipton. There was a lot of really beautiful work displayed by this talented group of students. To see a page of photos from the exhibition, click on the photo.
Craven College City & Guils Exhibition
29 May: I've gotten the sample for the Autumn table runner class done. The group decided they had done enough applique, so I came up with a design using folded patchwork techniques. Since it is not pictorial, it could be used for any season.
Autumn Table Runner
26 May: A friend and I walked through the Harlow Carr Gardens today and of course I took pictures. The gardens used to be a research garden to study the plants that could grow in northern climates, but a few years ago the Royal Horticultural Society took it over and they are working to improve it as a place to visit.
Harlow Carr Gardens
13 May: I am fortunate to have a companion who likes nothing more than to sit with me while I quilt (actually he sleeps most of the time). His name is Charlie and he is our 8 year old Bichon Frise. Actually, he probably likes walking a bit more, which is great because it encourages me to walk.
22 April: I have just completed paper foundation piecing the top for this quilt. It's been beautiful here lately and I've been able to open the windows to let the fresh air in.
Tree quilt
12 April: It's been an early spring this year (and a late Easter), and the daffodils are already past their prime. But I still caught them on the Stray in Harrogate looking quite lovely!
Easter daffodils

5 April: We've been having beautiful weather here in northern England, and I had to get out and take more photographs. Here is a photo of one of the hyacinths outside my kitchen window. I'm not sure if this is the same plant that was the inspiration for the project in Beautiful Blooms, but today it looks like it could have been.

3 April: This is the table runner that I designed for classes at Yorkshire Yanks. We are making a table runner for each season, and this is the spring/Easter table runner.
spring table runner


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