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Ramblings 2010

30 Nov: I like to design and create stained glass as well as quilts. I just completed this piece, and my husband crafted a lovely oak frame for it. This is the first panel that I have created for our home since we moved back to the states. There are plenty of fixed windows perfect for stained glass - when we were looking for a house my husband called them stained glass opportunities. This window is in the master bathroom and is about 43" tall. The duck was from a photo I took while in England. This duck came up to a railing just in front of me and stood there, almost as if she were posing for the camera. She gave me plenty of time to take pictures, and now her image will be in our house for a very long time! Stained glass duck scene
15 Nov: I posted a picture of this quilt when the top was completed, but have finally gotten around to taking a picture of the quilt on the bed. I got this done in time for my son to use it when he visited this summer. This is all flannel and machine quilted. The cushions are all from blocks in the quilt. When no one is using it, I have been stacking quilts on top so had to remove a pile of quilts to take the picture. It's queen size, and I quilted it on my old Pfaff sewing machine. Bed quilt
1 Nov: I just returned from Quilt Market in Houston. This was the first time I've been to Quilt Market, and while I didn't get to stay for the Festival, I did get to see all of the wonderful quilts! Market was exciting - I did a Schoolhouse presentation and then a book signing at the Martingale booth. It was fun to see all of the new stuff and go to some of the other Schoolhouse presentations. So many of the booths were wonderfully decorated and this was one that I thought was so cute. market display
5 Oct: We just returned from a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota where I taught some workshops, and my husband and daughters did some sight-seeing. First of all, the quilters there were some of the friendliest (and most talented) people I have ever met! And the area is absolutely beautiful. Of course we had to see Mount Rushmore, and we visited the Reptile House. Mount Rushmore
1 Oct: It has been a very busy and difficult year. When we returned to the US, we found out that my mother-in-law's Alzheimers had progressed to the point that she could no longer live alone. We spent the spring and summer cleaning, clearing, and fixing up her house to sell. Thankfully, the house has sold and we feel fortunate that it sold quickly in this housing market. In the process, I learned to tile floors, so I decided to tile a floor in our bathroom, and look -- how could I resist a pattern like this?! This was not as much work as it looks like, because the medallion was already pre-cut. The tile is travertine, which I found more difficult to lay than porcelain, but we are happy with it. Tile floor
17 May: This was a visitor behind our house today. He stayed for several hours - someone told us he may have been laying around waiting for unlucky squirrels. It was a great opportunity to get some photos - he didn't seem bothered at all and even seemed to pose. Fox
30 Mar: One of my first quilting tasks has been to design and piece a flannel quilt for the guest bedroom. I decided while I was at it to make cushions with the leftover flannel from the quilt top. I have all the tops done now (and almost all basted) and will start quilting this week.
Flannel queen size quilt top
15 Mar: I just had to take this photo of our back yard. Lots of trees like in England, but they are all pine trees. And of course snow like we never saw in England. We are up on the Palmer Divide in Colorado, and if you know about that you know that we get a bit of snow. I'm getting reaccustomed to it because we got almost no snow the entire 10 years we spent in England (although I think they got as much this year after we left as we had gotten the entire time we were there).
Pine trees in back yard
27 Feb: Whew this has been a busy month! I don't know where the time goes. I have spent time painting some of the rooms in the house and have finally gotten the quilt studio set up. I'm looking forward to getting back to quilting in earnest. It seems like we are getting snow every few days, so snow shoveling has become a large part of my exercise plan. For those interested in my newest book, I now have copies and can ship them to US addresses for $28.95 including shipping. You can email me, or pay via Paypal using the email address.
Book cover
30 Jan: I apologize for not updating this page recently, but I have a good excuse. In November we found out that we were going to relocate back to the states. And we only had three weeks to move! That's not a lot of time for a domestic move, but it's very short for an overseas move. Still, we flew back to Colorado on Dec 5 and Charlie (the dog) arrived the same day. We were able to enjoy Christmas with our son (who had a much shorter trip from Wyoming) and my mother-in-law. After giving ourselves a few days to adjust to the altitude, we began looking for a home. One of the criteria was to have an area for a quilting studio. We found a house in a nice location in north Colorado Springs. Then began the process of moving in our things. Some of our things had been in storage while we were in England, and some we shipped through the post, some were shipped by air, and most were shipped by sea. We finally have everything in the house, and the quilts have all arrived intact, which is a huge relief. We still have boxes to unpack, but the house is finally starting to feel like our home. I haven't had time for quilting since we've been here, although I have been able to get to a few quilt shops. My husband said I was trying to replace my stash, but I really didn't buy that much. I miss the friends I had in England, but it is nice to be back home.

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